Local Chapters

The Great Lakes Chapter of CACS (GLCACS) serves members in the Midwest states including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

President: Shuai Tan (Honeywell UOP)

Annual Conference Chair/President-Elect: Chi Zhang (Honeywell UOP)

Student Session Chairs: Tianyu Liu (Honeywell UOP), Johnny Zhu Chen (Honeywell UOP)

Advisory Board: Norman Li (Chair, NL Chemical), Jane Li (NL Chemical), Xiaomao Wu (Abbott-Retired), Robin Wang (NL Chemical), Ling Zhou (Honeywell UOP)

Treasurer: Yanqun Zhao (AbbVie Inc.)

Web Developer: Wenjie Tang (Georgia Tech)

Webmaster : Lijun Xu (Honeywell UOP)

Website: www.greatlakecacs.org

Tri-State originally included New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Recently it refers to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The Tri-State Chapter CACS now serves members from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

President: Yunlong (Elon) Zhang

President-Elect: Xiaozhou Zhang

Immediate Past-President: Wenmei Xue

Treasurer: Yabin Lei

Website: www.tristatecacs.org

Established in 2007, Southwest Chapter of CACS (SWCACS) serves members in the Western United States and the Gulf Coast region, which is the center of the U.S. petrochemical and energy industries.

President: Lixin You,


Treasurer: Jie Yu,


2019-2020 Leadership Team

Website: www.southwestcacs.org

Northern California Chapter

Originally founded in 1981 and relaunched in 2022

2022-2023 NCC officers

President: Marinda Li Wu (CACS Board Chair, ACS Past President)

President Elect: Huping Luo, Chevron

Secretary: Lin Li, Chevron

Treasurer: Chu-An Chang

Membership Chair: Anna Tai

Special initial funding from CACS Board Members (Dr. Norman Li, Dr. Ving Lee, Dr. Marinda Wu) & other Northern California lifetime members

Inaugural program – Chemistry Superstars (Stanford Prof. Zhenan Bao & UC Berkeley Prof. Peidong Yang), Stanford University, January 18, 2023